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Professional Services

professional services

  • OfficeDynamic has 20-years experience working with professionals and artisans, from manufacturing to marketing, who work in all levels of the office furniture business and office installation.

  • Our client base is impressive and we are happy to provide references upon request.

  • Our commitment to excellence, and our product knowledge is in-depth, which means the client can depend on our advice when selecting furniture.

  • Our attention to detail will control costs if you are planning a corporate move; also, we liaise with sub-contractors to facilitate better communication between all parties.

  • Please contact our office for more details about our services.


We use computer assisted drawing (AutoCAD) to reconfigure your existing offices, or our skilled layout artist will design layouts for your new facility.


Use OfficeDynamic Professional Services
to reduce your overheads.

Project Management

  • We check the credentials of trades people and contractors--including conducting reference checks

  • All sub-contractors must carry adequate insurance

  • We call for quotes, schedule stages of project development and follow up any on-going deficiencies

  • We monitor project progress and ensure quality control is strictly adhered to


  • The principals and practices of ergonomics now influence every aspect of the work environment.

  • What is ergonomics? Erg means work, nomics is the study of.

  • How does ergonomics affect your work environment? When you stretch, lift, bend, sit down or stand up, read, use preriferrals (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.)--everything you do to perform your job can be quantified and analyzed by an ergonomist. The purpose of this study is to reduce injuries and financial loss, caused by work-related disabilities.

  • Our specialist ergonomist will work with your management and staff to lower stress-related work and implement safety features at your workplace.

  • Each dollar spent on employee welfare and safety is an investment. When ergonomic improvements are introduced your employees work better, this means that over time your corporate bottom line will benefit, too.

Ergonomic Workshops

  • Learning about ergonomics can greatly reduce workplace injuries. Reducing disability-based productivity downtime will save your company time and money. Companies also lose money through absenteeism and low morale, which increase as employees suffer discomfort or pain as a consequence of repetitive injuries to wrist, arm, leg, back, neck and shoulder.

  • The OfficeDynamic on-staff university-qualified ergonomist will conduct workshops at your place of business.

  • Duration of the workshop is one hour and it can be held after regular business hours.

  • The cost depends upon the number of employee participants.

  • Topics include: Workplace safety, correct use of furniture, space dynamics and we even include a few exercises that are known to reduce injuries.

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